Fostering Pathways to Lead and Learn

Student & Family Handbook 2022-2023

Our Student and Family Handbook is organized around our core values - Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service and Safety.

A note from the Co-Founders:

At Girls Global Academy, we take the safety and education of our students and staff as an important responsibility.

Girls Global Academy is a community of dedicated innovators who believe girls matter.

Through our daily work, each member of the GGA community believes in the mission and commits to actions that equip the next generation of leaders to navigate the world with confidence and compassion to succeed in any path they may choose. Our approach to education will allow girls to develop strong voices that inspire change. Our decisions are guided by the standards set forth in our values. Our culture is driven by our values and our philosophy. We have a community-oriented culture, and the foundation of our culture is centered on our values.

We believe students and families are our partners in education; trusting relationships foster learning and open communication; learning should be challenging, meaningful, and joyful; community members are valuable and contribute to the success of the school, and pedagogical growth stimulates creativity and competence. We uphold a relentless focus on a welcoming, safe, and culturally-responsive environment for our staff, students, and families.

The mission of Girls Global Academy is: fostering pathways to lead and learn. All GGA graduates will attain the mindsets, behaviors, competencies, and skills to ensure success in college and career.

Our Motto is Because You Matter and our GGA Student and Family Handbook has important information about student programming, responsibilities, and policies of the school. One of our guiding principles is to create a school where every individual feels welcomed and valued. The Handbook provides the policy and structure to create a  positive, accountable, and productive school environment that every member of our school community deserves. Your commitment to the core values of sisterhood, scholarship, service, and safety is critical to making GGA a community asset.

Shayne Swift, Principal
Karen Venable Croft, Executive Director

How to navigate this document:

Our Student and Family Handbook is organized around our core values - Sisterhood, Scholarship, Service, and Safety. Each policy for this handbook is listed by the section below, click on the link to read each policy. All policies and documents are available on this website or in print upon request at the main office.