Enrichment Activities

At Girls Global Academy, we believe in offering our students a holistic and enriching educational experience. One of the cornerstones of our school culture is the wide array of electives we provide each semester. With a diverse selection of 18-20 different electives to choose from, our students have the unique opportunity to engage in two of these courses for the semester. This not only allows them to explore their passions and interests but also helps shape their educational journey in a meaningful way.


Access to a wide range of inspiring materials to be used in the arts and a variety of ways to explore them. Come let your creativity shine!

Lead: Partner Organization Project Create & Ms. King Johns

Chess (Varsity)

Learn the game of chess, improve your chess skills, and challenge yourself and your peers! Experience healthy competition and team spirit through this varsity sport. 

Organized by: Ms. McCrimmon

Choir & Musical Theater

Join in singing and acting exercises, and opportunities to foster creativity and self-expression. Choir & Musical Theater plans and performs in-school events, musicals, and entertainment for the whole GGA community to participate in.

Lead: Ms. Strong-Archer

Classics & Mythology

In this course, we will study the history and mythology of the ancient Mediterranean and learn to read and write in Classical Latin.

Lead: Ms. Smith


Want to know how your computer really works? In this class, you’ll learn the basics of computer programming, and variables, loops, functions, syntax, etc. You’ll also be exposed to concepts that will help you thrive in Computer Science. Think of this as an “Intro to Intro to Computer Science.”

Lead: Mr. Lynch


Join Cosmetology 101 to learn more about the cosmetology trade, including practicing hairstyling skills. Space is limited to the first 15 students to sign up.

Lead: Howard student partner

Cut Seven

Within a team & group setting, focus on your heart, strength and recovery. Work hard, have fun, and be the best version of yourself! Work with amazing coaches from Cut Seven – a local sports conditioning studio.

Lead: Partner Organization Cut Seven

Dance Fitness & Zumba

We will go over all different types of dances, the origin of Zumba, and possibly have an end-of-the-year finale show. We’ll demonstrate our knowledge, growth, and passion for the culture of this dance exercise.

Lead: Coach Thornton


Learn to debate, make good arguments, and research! If debate is new to you, we will teach you the basics. The team will all be preparing for the season ahead when we will be debating income inequality.

Leads: Ms. Rhee and Ms. Corcoran

ESports (Varsity)

Are you already a competitive gamer? Or do you want to be? Join this varsity team and put your video game skills to the test.

Organized by: Ms. McCrimmon

Investment Club

Learn the ins and outs of how to make smart and profitable investments with your money! You’ll become a whiz at making strategic financial decisions.

Lead: Mr. Adam

Mixed Martial Arts

Train your mind and body to achieve your goals inside and outside of this course. Learn a variety of martial arts techniques, as well as more about opportunities to compete!

Lead: Partner Organization Wutoh Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Music Appreciation

The music appreciation course offers a comprehensive exploration of music from various cultures around the world. Through this course, you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for different musical styles, traditions, and instruments.

Lead: Ms. Chirinos

Music Video Production

Work with a professional partner to develop your skills in creating music! You’ll work on digital beatmaking, and envisioning and shooting your own music video.

Lead: Partner Organization B.P.M.


Robotics is a branch of engineering and computer science that involves the conception, design, manufacture and operation of robots. Yes, we will be building robots!

Leads: Ms. Whitted and Ms. Karen

Student Ambassadors

Students represent Girls Global Academy at chosen events to community and board members, and present to visitors and potential students/families who come to visit our school. Ambassadors are the student voice and face of GGA as we interact with the broader community.

Lead: Ms. Julie

Vegan Cooking Class

Learn the basics of cooking while getting to be creative through vegan foods influenced by Latin, Asian, and American cuisine. We will be cooking foods such as sushi, tacos, and even “chicken” and waffles! Help the environment while eating delicious food. Space is limited to the first 15 students to sign up.

Lead: Ms. Galeas

Vinyl DJing

Explore the business of music production, as well as the technical aspects of how to spin a record, and practice mixing your own. You’ll learn about both digital and analog skills.

Lead: Partner Organization BLINGUAL


Students help to tell the story of GGA, by putting to use photography, design, and storytelling skills as they attend events, document experiences, and craft a polished yearbook.

Lead: Mr. Lynch