GGA’s uniform and dress code aims to follow best practices, is informed by the research, and is intended to allow our school community to focus on their education. In 2018 the National Women’s Law Center commissioned a report of Washington D.C.’s dress code titled: Dress Coded: Black girls, bodies, and bias in Washington D.C. Schools. This report tells us that most schools have overly strict dress code rules, focus on what’s wrong with girls’ bodies, and are based on race and sex based stereotypes. Therefore GGA strives to be different when it comes to uniform and dress code that focus more on education, and allows girls to make choices for themselves.

Uniform: Students must wear a top that has a GGA Logo at all times Students have a choice of any of these options:
  • Polo Shirt – Dark Purple or Black
  • GGA T-Shirt – Dark Purple and Green Athletic Shirt (or any shirt that has a GGA logo)
  • GGA White Short or Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
  • GGA Sweatshirt
  • GGA Zip Up Fleece Sweater

Girls Global Academy Dress Code

Our goal is to provide simple guidelines to ensure students are ready and prepared for school and represent GGA in the community. We reserve the right to adjust this dress code to ensure our attention is focused on what matters – your student’s education. We will also expect students to dress professionally when they represent GGA in the community.

All types and colors of bottoms are allowed including pants, skirts, and shorts, with some exceptions:

To maintain a professional learning environment, the following items are prohibited:
  • No sleepwear of any type, like pajamas
  • No athletic wear like joggers
  • No leggings or jeggings
  • Jeans are okay, but no rips or tears
  • Shorts and skirts must be longer than mid-thigh
  • Uniform shirts are not to be torn or styled in a way that shows the midriff
You choose! All shoes are allowed, with the exception of some shoes for safety:
  • No open toe or open heel shoes
  • No flip-flops or slides
  • No slippers or house shoes
Head Coverings
  • Decorative head coverings, hijabs, wraps, and bandanas are allowed
  • Hats, bonnets, do-rags, and other sleepwear are prohibited
PE and Athletics Uniform:
  • GGA Athletic Shorts (students can wear black leggings under shorts during PE)
  • GGA Athletics T-Shirt (GGA Provides all students with a physical education uniform)

Uniform and Dress Code FAQs