A Letter from Nadia McCrimmon, Athletic Director

It is an honor to be the Athletic Director at a school founded rich in athletic tradition and excellence. We are established with great coaches that are committed to the health and well being of every student-athlete and their families. If you have questions or comments about GGA Athletics please do not hesitate to contact me at nmccrimmon@girlsglobalacademy.org.

Personal Philosophy of Athletics
Student Activities and Athletics are a vital part of the overall educational program. Participation in activities and athletics is a privilege available to all eligible students. This privilege carries with it serious personal responsibilities to the school and the community.

Participants and staff members understand that an emphasis on academic achievement is of high importance. Most importantly, the overall purpose of student activities is to develop positive values and habits so that personal growth and character development occurs.

I believe effective student activities & athletic programs:

  • play a vital role in improving the overall climate and academic goals of the school
  • emphasize solid character values, sportsmanship and commitment to excellence.
  • promote respect of self and others
  • be lead by qualified individuals that are positive, encouraging, and promote safety
  • have a clear commitment to excellence both in the classroom and in competition
GGA Athletics aims to educate our student athletes to rely on our four pillars of safety, scholarship, service, and sisterhood. It is our mission and belief to embed those pillars into our athletic program while promoting good mental, emotional, social, and physical health.

GGA Athletic’s will focus on teaching young people values and lifelong habits such as – accountability, sportsmanship, confidence, leadership skills, organizational skills, persistence, work ethic, self-discipline, social skills, teamwork, performing under pressure, and the ability to take instruction while striving for excellence.

Go Trailblazers,
Nadia McCrimmon

Nadia McCrimmon

Athletic Director