The Vibrant School Culture of Girls Global Academy

Creating a rigorous, safe, and supportive school culture is indeed crucial for Girls Global Academy to realize its vision and mission of nurturing active, global changemakers. The school's commitment to this goal is reflected in several key initiatives and components:

Advisory Cohorts

Weekly Whole School Community Meetings

The Trailblazers Way

As part of the Trailblazer Way, we proudly implement Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as an integral component of our school culture. PBIS is more than a program; it's a philosophy that fosters a positive and inclusive environment for both students and staff. At Girls Global Academy, PBIS is woven into the fabric of our daily interactions, creating a supportive atmosphere that encourages respect, responsibility, and resilience. By emphasizing positive behavior reinforcement and providing a framework for addressing challenges, PBIS ensures that every member of our school community feels valued and empowered. It's a commitment to building a school culture where students thrive academically, emotionally, and socially, setting the stage for a successful and enriching educational journey.
  • Communicates with others by using their preferred names & pronouns

  • Cares for & supports others by using positive, affirming language.

  • Repairs harmful behaviors by admitting fault & restoring relationships by apologizing

  • Celebrates the accomplishments of others by giving kudos & shout outs

  • Reflects on relationships with others by self- evaluating strengths & areas of growth
  • Collaborates with peers by actively listening to others ideas & perspectives with an open-mind
  • Cites and uses reliable, varied sources used in research & submits original work
  • Takes risks by participating in class even when unsure of accuracy & correctness

  • Uses a growth mindset to push through challenges with assignments

  • Organizes for success by using resources & tools available
  • Investigates meaningful issues in the local & global context by conducting research using reliable, varied sources

  • Plans for action by creating timelines, dividing work with the team, & developing measurements of success

  • Acts on plans by leveraging resources, documenting experiences, & checking back on the plan & the vision

  • Reflects on service by evaluating strengths & weaknesses, & how differences are  made within yourself & community

  • Advocates for issues by sharing & celebrating highlights, impacts made, & how the project can be sustained.
  • Self-manages emotions, thoughts, behaviors by using stress management strategies & techniques

  • Makes caring & constructive choices about personal behavior by evaluating the consequences of one’s actions

  • Maintains healthy relationships by resolving conflict constructively, asking others for help, & setting boundaries

  • Empathizes with others who are different by recognizing their strengths & listening to others perspectives.
  • Understands one’s own culture & their impact on others by evaluating how one shows up in a space.

Dean's List

DeansList for families is an easy way for parents/guardians to answer the question “what happened at school today?” This feature gives real-time access to your student's reports, points, and progress.

How do I get access?
  1. Check your email for an invitation from your school.
  2. Download the DeansList for Families app or visit & click “register”
  3. Set your username/password to your student(s) access info (the validation code is in the email provided by your school.)