GGA Newsletter – March 2020

Women's History Month
March is Women’s History Month which celebrates the important roles women have played in American History!
We are participating in the 2nd Annual #FITDC HerStory 5K Walk/Run on Saturday March 7, 2020. It is not too late to join us. Check out the activities Apple is hosting this month at their store near us using the link below.

Girls Global's Four Pillars

A true global sisterhood is about being able to discuss the universal struggles of womanhood. Shared language is used to celebrate, support, and uplift each other to ensure students are writing their own narratives for their futures both individually and as a collective.

How will GGA do that?

  • Advisory
  • Community Meetings


The world is our backyard and “just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” Through service-learning you try on a range of leadership identities while supporting your community in both local and global contexts.

How will GGA do that?

  • LEADership Academy
  • Global Partnerships

Future-ready scholarship must address the fact that skill-sets will change based on industry. Students must be life-long learners so they have the ability to flex, adapt, and pivot to gain additional skills as needed or reinvent themselves if the skill-sets become out-of-date.

How will GGA do that?

  • Global Curriculum
  • Engineering &
  • Entrepreneurial Mindsets


Safety starts with you by having compassion for yourself and others. Physical and emotional safety are critical for wellness. Confidence is fostered when students feel safe and is a skill that is taught, much like the development of muscle memory and supports moving thoughts to actions.

How will GGA do that?

  • Safe Passage to School
  • Developing a Growth Mindset

Post-Lottery & March Open House Events

Priority One: We will know our students.

One of the best parts of working in education is getting to know students and their families. We have met with eight awesome students and their families thus far for one-to-one meetings and would love to get to know more of you. If you need interpreter services, then we will provide it to you. Schedule a coffee/tea/water meeting with us!

Parent Perspective
~ by Shanti Martin, parent of a rising 9th Grader

This kind of meeting is important from a student and parent perspective because it gives the student a chance to ask questions that are important to them entering high school. It also gives the staff the opportunity to meet the student to see personality traits and ask questions that could possibly help the school be more empowering when it comes to activities, subjects, community service etc.

These meetings are important because the staff will have a head start before the school year starts on what to offer students and what’s best for the the school, parents etc as a whole. It truly takes a village and it’s better when the students have input so that they know the school truly cares about any needs and concerns.

After our meeting Savannah was relieved and felt so much better. She is super excited to become apart of the Girls Global Academy. I as a parent would love to join their organization as well because I believe in the mission and what they are offering to all young ladies…our future entrepreneurs.

What do you discuss during the meeting?

  • Hopes and dreams
  • Excitement and fears about high school
  • Student areas of strength and areas of growth
  • Interests, hobbies, and activities
  • Anything else the student and their family would like to discuss
Where do you conduct the meeting?
  • Your home
  • Local library
  • Starbucks
  • You pick the location
How long is the meeting?
  • Just one hour of your time
What do I bring to the meeting?
  • Your ideas
  • Your hopes
  • Your dreams
  • Your questions
  • Your concerns
  • Anything else you think would help us get to know you

Repost: Families Are Our Partners

Parent Perspective
by Tosha Crawford, parent of a rising 9th Grader
I was honored to be asked to participate in a panel interview for prospective teachers at Girls Global Academy (GGA). I jumped at the chance and thought it would be a wonderful experience where my voice could be heard by the administrators regarding the culture and expectations of teachers.
Over the years, I have listened to students and parents talk about teachers and their inability to connect to girls of color. So it was important to me to have my voice heard when establishing the culture at GGA. 
I wanted to meet candidates who chose teaching as a passion rather than a job. Teachers who would be able to relate the subject area to the real everyday world for the girls. And most importantly, I wanted to hear authentic responses to scenarios which included understanding urban girls of color and cultural sensitivity.  
The experience was eye opening! 
Here are some ways for you to be involved right now:
~ Follow us on Social Media @GirlsGlobalDC and like our posts.
~ Attend our service events and volunteer beside your student.
~ Weigh in on what social-emotional skills we should prioritize for year one.
~ Distribute flyers/posters to get the word out about Girls Global.
~ Join our steering committee to guide engineering and business pathways.
~ Make a suggestion on how you would like to be involved!
~ Participate on our hiring panels for staff members.
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