Why Girls’ Schools

At GGA, girls will use their voices to become leaders on issues that matter most to them. They will build the academic and interpersonal skills needed for success, contentment, and a positive impact on the world now and in the future.
Research surveying high school girls in both girls schools and coed schools found that girls attending all-girls schools report better learning experiences than their counterparts attending co-ed institutions. In particular, they report:
  • teniendo aspiraciones y motivación más altas
  • siendo desafiado a lograr más
  • estar más involucrado en el proceso de aprendizaje
  • es más probable que se dediquen a actividades que los preparen para los rigores del mundo real
  • más a menudo experimentando entornos de aprendizaje seguros y acogedores
  • ganando más facilidad con habilidades como la escritura, el habla, el pensamiento crítico y el aprendizaje independiente, y
  • experimentando más apoyo de los compañeros de clase, profesores y otro personal de la escuela
Note: When Girls Global Academy uses the terms “girls” or “young women,” we are referring to how our students may choose to identify themselves. We welcome non-binary students who believe the supportive community we provide along with our rigorous academic program is optimal for their high school experience. GGA is designed to be an inclusive, safe, and dynamic learning environment for any girl in the District.


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