Curriculum & Course Offerings

Girls Global Academy PCS offers a well-rounded and diverse curriculum, featuring International Baccalaureate (IB) and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses as integral components of students' regular schedules. Our dynamic educational approach blends academic rigor, personal growth, and real-world preparedness. While our course offerings are subject to updates and may vary by grade level, our commitment to excellence remains constant, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and holistic education that equips them for success in their academic, personal, and future career pursuits.
Core Courses
English Language Arts:
The curriculum includes the study of literature, writing, grammar, and critical reading skills.

Girls Global Academy provides a rigorous math curriculum, covering topics from basic math to advanced courses like calculus and statistics.

Students have the opportunity to explore various branches of science, including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science.

Social Studies:
The curriculum encompasses history, geography, civics, and world cultures, encouraging students to become informed global citizens.

World Languages
Girls Global Academy recognizes the importance of language acquisition in an increasingly interconnected world. The curriculum may offer a selection of foreign languages, such as Spanish or Mandarin, to foster cultural understanding and communication skills.
Fostering Pathways to Lead and Learn
Girls Global Academy is committed to preparing students for not only academic excellence but also successful futures in their chosen careers. Our approach to career-related studies is tailored to individual student interests and aspirations, ensuring they develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their professional lives. Here’s how we guide students on their career path:

  • Exposure to Career Paths in 9th Grade: In 9th grade, we introduce students to a diverse range of career path offerings through engaging projects and hands-on experiences. This exposure is designed to ignite their interest and help them explore their passions, talents, and career aspirations.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Following their exposure to various career paths, students are encouraged to make informed decisions about their future. We provide them with the necessary information and guidance to help them choose between the Engineering or Business tracks.
  • Real-World Application: Our approach to career-related studies goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We emphasize real-world application, allowing students to gain practical insights and experiences that prepare them for the challenges and opportunities in their chosen careers.
  • Personalized Career Development: Each student’s journey is unique. We provide personalized career development support to help students set and achieve their individual career goals. Whether they aspire to become engineers, entrepreneurs, or professionals in the world of business, we help them navigate their path with confidence.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

At Girls Global Academy, our commitment to Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a vital part of our curriculum. We provide CTE training that complements traditional academics and ensures students are equipped with practical skills and knowledge for future success. Our CTE programs prepare students for a wide range of careers, from healthcare to technology, engineering, and more.

High School of Business

Girls Global Academy is proud to offer the High School of Business program, a comprehensive and industry-focused curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the business world. Our program provides a strong foundation in business concepts, economics, entrepreneurship, and more. Students engage in real-world business scenarios and projects that prepare them for college and career pathways.

Project Lead the Way

Girls Global Academy is an enthusiastic participant in the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program. PLTW provides hands-on, project-based learning experiences in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our students engage in innovative projects that spark curiosity and critical thinking while preparing them for STEM-related careers.
Empowering Every Student’s Unique Potential
At Girls Global Academy, we take pride in offering a specialized learning curriculum that recognizes and caters to the unique needs of our students. Our commitment to personalized education ensures that each learner can thrive and reach their full potential. We offer the following:

  • Specific Learning Support
    The SLS classroom provides a safe and structured space for both individual and group learning with numerous physical and digital resources to support student social and emotional learning and growth. Students have access to general education curricula and programming with appropriately rigorous modifications and adaptations.

  • Content Based English as a Second Language:
    The academic content areas of English Language Arts, social studies, science, and mathematics are used as a vehicle for language learning to ensure that students master academic content and performance standards. Instruction is primarily in English, although native language support is provided when necessary and when possible. These classes are taught by ESL-certified teachers using a pull-out, push-in, or inclusion approach.

  • Transition Topics
    The Transition Topics course at Girls Global Academy offers a dedicated space for students to navigate the exciting terrain of post-secondary educational opportunities and essential life skills covering
The Power of Choice

At Girls Global Academy, we believe in offering our students a holistic and enriching educational experience. One of the cornerstones of our school culture is the wide array of electives we provide each semester. With a diverse selection of 18-20 different electives to choose from, our students have the unique opportunity to engage in two of these courses for the semester. This not only allows them to explore their passions and interests but also helps shape their educational journey in a meaningful way.

Our electives are designed to cater to a spectrum of interests and ambitions. Whether it’s delving into the arts, embracing the joy of movement, or developing essential academic and career-related skills, our electives open doors to new worlds of knowledge and self-discovery. They are a vital component of the Girls Global Academy experience, contributing significantly to our school’s vibrant and inclusive culture.
GGA Commitment to Service-Learning
Girls Global Academy is committed to supporting students in the facilitation of their own learning through service-learning as an interdisciplinary, skills-based, authentic approach. GGA believes that the most effective service-learning requires a co-curricular (experiences that are connected to or mirror the academic curriculum) approach balancing service as a part of both academic coursework during the school day and experiential learning outside of the classroom.

  • Student Engagement in Service-Learning
    All students who attend Girls Global Academy are required to successfully complete four service-learning projects that are integrated into the curriculum. Upon completion of the projects, a student will have fulfilled 40 of the 100 service-hours required by the District of Columbia’s Board of Education.

  • Student Engagement in Service-Learning
    All students who attend Girls Global Academy are required to successfully complete four service-learning projects that are integrated into the curriculum. Upon completion of the projects, a student will have fulfilled 40 of the 100 service-hours required by the District of Columbia’s Board of Education.

  • Classroom Service-Learning
    Service-learning takes place in a variety of settings at Girls Global Academy. Service-learning instruction is facilitated by all content teachers based on course content, objectives, and standards.

  • Student Leadership
    Student leadership is integral to GGA service-learning projects. In the 9th and 10th grades, service-learning facilitators will provide gradual release by ensuring that students understand the mechanics of a quality service project during the first trimester through an exploration of the Global Goals. In the second and third trimesters, students take ownership of different facets of the project. In the 11th and 12th grades, students will execute their own projects with supervisor approval and check-ins.

  • Dedicated Days of Service
    GGA may host Day of Service events to include:
    • 9/11 Day of Service
    • MLK Day of Service
    • Global Youth Service Day

Graduation Requirements

All Girls Global Academy students will have the same promotion requirements outline set by the District of Columbia Public Schools. Students in Washington, D.C. are required to take at least 2.0 credits of their 24.0 credits in college level or career preparation approved courses to include IB, AP, and CTE courses.

Girls Global Academy students will meet the community service requirement of 100 hours through service learning during LEADership academy and out of school service projects. Paid experiences do not count for service learning. Students at Girls Global Academy PCS will participate in a variety of service learning experiences each year they are enrolled.

Credits: A minimum of 25.5 credits must be obtained as a student at Girls Global Academy PCS.

4 credits


4 credits


4 credits

IB Psychology HL, AP World History, AP US History, AP US Government can replace same name non AP/IB course

4 credits

3 credits in lab sciences and 1 additional science course
IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL, AP Biology can replace same name non AP/IB course

1.5 credits

Physical education credit can be earned through a school-sanctioned sports program

1 credit

IB Art HL can replace same name non AP/IB course

2 credits

3 total credits for qualifying courses in the
chosen engineering or business
pathway for the Certificate

2 credits

3 credits

Any elective course listed will count as an elective. Credits earned over the minimum requirements will count toward elective

100 hours