Art Club

Contact: Ms. Pinkett
The art club explores the depths of studio art through sketches, school murals, more, as students create designs for our space. Hone your skills, learn new techniques, and let your creativity shine!

Book Club

Contact: Ms. Laguerre and Ms. Sylvain
Learn how to characterize ideas, share and build on experiences, and connect with other students through the exploration of literature. Students will see themselves in the novels read and concepts discussed, and enjoy local outings connecting to their chosen books.

Choir & Musical Theater

Contact: Ms. Strong-Archer
Join in singing and acting exercises, and opportunities for students to foster creativity and self expression. Choir & Musical Theater plans and performs in school events, musicals, and entertainment for the whole GGA community to participate in.

Cooking Club

Contact: Mr. Colon-Emeric
Students learn various cooking styles and techniques as they prepare, cook and share meals–setting them on a path to be safe and successful in the kitchen.

Dance & Meditation

Contact: Ms. Miller
Work with our professional partner in belly dance classes that will take you back in history and get your body moving to the beat of this dance form that originated centuries ago in the Middle East. Also, we will learn yoga and meditation practices to help you unwind, face changes and challenges, and be your best self.

Debate Club

Contact: Ms. Rhee and Ms. Corcoran
Students research, investigate and debate current events and relevant issues, and compete in monthly Washington Urban Debate League tournaments. Grow your public speaking and argumentation skills through debate!

YWCA Empower Girls

Partner Contact: Ms. Norton
GGA Contact: Ms. Robison
Join the National Capital Area YWCA for activities that involve leadership skills, social emotional support, and science, technology, math and engineering education. Empower Girls offers students leadership opportunities, growth in cultural competency, and college and career preparation.

Latine/x Affinity Club

Contact: Ms. Casanova
Build community and a sense of sisterhood amongst Latine/x students and the GGA community through engaging in service projects, meeting speakers and local organizations and exploring learning opportunities together.

National Honor Society

Contact: Ms. Robison
A national organization for high-schoolers that promotes service, leadership, character and scholarship. GGA National Honor Society members are leaders in our school community who encourage enthusiasm for scholarship, leadership, community engagement and character development activities among the student body.

One. World Education

Partner Contact: Ms. Ellis-Xavier
GGA Contact: Ms. Robison
Part of DC’s largest writing program, One World’s academy for 9th and 10th graders helps students to develop research, writing and presentation skills – transforming students into writers with voice, knowledge and purpose. This program supports development of critical thinking skills to take into college and throughout the future.

Student Ambassadors

Contact: Ms. Shepperson
Students represent Girls Global Academy at chosen events to community and board members, and present to visitors and potential students/families who come to visit our school. Ambassadors are the student voice and face of GGA as we interact with the broader community.


Contact: Ms. Kang
Students help to tell the story of GGA, by putting to use photography, design and storytelling skills as they attend events, document experiences, and craft a polished yearbook.