GGA Newsletter – May 2020

May's Erollment Opportunities

From our Founding Teachers

We conduct discovery sessions with our families and also conduct them with our founding staff. There are two quotes from our founding Engineering teacher and founding Physical Education & Health teacher that resonated. We wanted to share these words of wisdom with you. Stay tuned for additional staff spotlights!
“Balance one day does not look like balance the next day”
“With all the uncertainties, optimism and gratitude are our greatest allies”

Resources Folder

We know that keeping track of the different newsletters with resources is a challenge and we have now started housing everything in one place! Check out the info from the DC Libraries, summer enrichment opportunities and COVID-19 recovery. Click the image to the right to explore!

In This Issue:

  • Erollment Roll Call
  • Erollment Support
  • What’s Upcoming
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