Karen Venable-Croft, Co-Founder / Executive Director

Area of Expertise: Secondary Education, Communications, AP, Community Engagement.

Karen Venable-Croft is the Co-Founder and Founding Executive Director of Girls Global Academy, an all-girls public charter high school in Washington DC. Karen is a Prince Georges County native and started her career as a mathematics teacher at her high-school alma mater.  During her 20-year career as an educator, Venable-Croft held different leadership roles including: Math Teacher Coordinator, Advanced Placement Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, School Planning and Management Team Chair, and Data Coach. As teacher coordinator, Venable-Croft managed teams of 20 – 25 mathematics teachers and facilitated departmental, and interdisciplinary planning and development. She is an experienced instructional coach for teachers of all skill levels and years of experience.  As curriculum coordinator, she facilitated school-wide professional development in a large public school of 2200 students and 120 staff members. Through her leadership as co-chair of the School Management team, in her capacity as Advanced Placement Coordinator and School Data Coach, Venable-Croft brought an intentional focus to improve school culture and improve access to advanced level courses for all students. In the years as a coordinator of the AP program, passing rates improved each year. Karen has extensive experience managing teachers, coordinating academic and service programs, and working with community and school administrators.

Venable-Croft also works with community engagement projects around health and wellness, college preparation, and women’s empowerment. She has a passion for helping girls develop confidence through sports and is a volunteer field hockey coach at a youth association. She holds a Master’s degree in Communication from West Virginia University, an Advanced Professional Certificate in 7 – 12 Mathematics from the state of Maryland with an Administrator I endorsement earned through Towson University.