GGA Scholars: Are You Ready to Battle? The Advisory Classroom Battle is G.G.A.’s newest attendance initiative. This initiative ensures that every scholar attends school every day on time and is present for learning because Every Day Counts! ADVISORY CLASSROOM BATTLE 1. The advisory classroom with the highest percentage for the week will earn a letter. 2. The battle runs from Tuesday to Tuesday and the advisory classroom will be notified of their win on Wednesday and given the earned “Letter.” 3. The battle’s winner is the first classroom to spell the entire word “Girls G.L.O.B.A.L.” 4. The winner of the battle picks their prize as a class that could include Lunch or Breakfast, Field Trip, Sport tickets or a movie day. #sisterhood #scholarship #service #safety #lead #learn #trailblazer #becauseyoumatter #girls #IBCP