Welcome to Girls Global Academy Enrollment!

Enrollment Deadline for Families is Monday, August 10th 2020 by 5:00 p.m

We are pleased that you have chosen to attend Girls Global Academy. As a Founding Family you are a unique and essential part of reimagining the high school experience.  We are excited about you joining us for the 2020-2021 school year. 


Enrollment Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM
Weekend and Evening support available upon request  


The first step in your journey at Girls Global Academy is to confirm your seat so that way prepare for your arrival. Due to COVID-19, we are moving our enrollment process online.

All families will receive a username and password via email to complete the enrollment process.

To complete the necessary enrollment paperwork, please click here. 

If you have not received your username and password, and need support, please contact Ashley Olt (ashley@girlsglobalacademy.org 202.670.3778)

Families that have submitted Step One documentation (Seat Acceptance form, Residency Verification and supporting documentation, Student Birth Certificate) to Girls Global Academy will be able to review these documents and move to Step Two in the enrollment process.

All Step One enrollment must be completed ASAP, but NO LATER than August 10th, 2020 in order to secure your space in the Girls Academy Class of 2024. If we don’t hear from you before this time, it puts your seat at risk. 

For support in the enrollment process, please contact Ashley Olt (ashley@girlsglobalacademy.org, 202.670.3778)

Step 1


Complete the 2 forms listed below including the required documentation and return ASAP with the instructions listed below.

Method B: Select one document 

  • Pay stub
  • DC Gov. financial assistance
  • Certified DC Tax Form-D40
  • Military housing orders
  • Embassy letter

Method B: Select two documents  

  • DC motor vehicle registration
  • DC driver’s license/non-driver ID
  • Lease with payment  
  • Utility bill with payment

Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate or Passport

Copy of the Guardian’s Driver’s License or Passport

The original enrollment deadline to accept seats for School Year 2020-2021 was May 1st, but that deadline has been extended this year due to COVID-19. The new deadline is June 15 or 30 days after DCPS is back in session, which ever is sooner. We will strive to be flexible, but we recommend you confirm your seat with us as soon as possible.

Step 2


Once you have completed STEP 1, we will send you additional forms via an online portal. This will include health forms (Universal Health Form, Oral Health Certificate, and Allergies), student services forms (IEP, 504, etc), and release forms. This will be due prior to the start of school.

In preparation for STEP 2, here is additional information on what is required to attend a public school in Washington D.C.

Click on each document name to download and complete the information.  Save the document.

Information on immunizations: DC Health Immunization Requirements

HPV Opt-Out Form

Forms are available in other languages at DC Health.

Information on finding a doctor, getting assistance for school related health needs, other FAQs, visit DC Health’s School Services Program.