Community of girls that support and celebrate each other

Our girls understand that while they make not be related by blood, the bond that they create at GGA will last a lifetime.  Regardless of difference, GGA students understand that every girl has unique potential and abilities that are celebrated by everyone.  In times of distress and challenge, GGA students can count on each other, the staff, and the community to uplift them.IB Learner Profile Traits: Communicators; Reflective


Academically challenging in preparation for post-secondary opportunities

Our girls know that a growth mindset approach is key to academic success and that deficit mindsets are detrimental.  At GGA learning from ‘failure’ and mistakes are encouraged. Continued improvement through multiple iterations is important emphasizing both the learning journey and its outcomes.IB Learner Profile Traits: Knowledgeable; Inquirers; Principled


Sustained involvement in community development

Because YOU matter is about more than ourselves.  We live in a global world and ripple effects have both small and big impacts.  Our girls will develop a “roll up our sleeves” approach to making change using compassion and understanding of both themselves and others.IB Learner Profile Traits: Caring; Thinkers


A place where girls can just be well

From day one, girls are exposed to the vision and values of school, emphasizing the purpose – “because we matter”. While there are clear academic and behavioral expectations set, it is clear that students see assignments and classroom spaces as opportunities to learn and take risks. Teachers establish relationships with students, not for academic reasons alone, but to push girls to achieve their personal bests. IB Learner Profile Traits: Balanced; Risk-Takers; Open-Minded