Pathways to Lead & Learn

Our presence in the global community prepares girls to graduate and succeed in any path of their choosing.  Our experiential learning and commitment to action empower girls to be the voices that inspire change.  Our deep foundation of inquiry-based learning redesigns the learning environment for girls.


One of our key programmatic elements is the International Baccalaureate Career Program which students formally begin in their 11th grade year of high school.

In 9th grade students are exposed to both career path offerings through engaging projects; at the conclusion of the school year, they will decide about the path.  We chose this framework because of its emphasis on global and career skills, as well as inquiry learning and service. It is a hybrid of the rigor of the IB program courses which are conceptual, and the career paths, which are authentic.  Students in this program are more likely to attend 4-year colleges, more likely to attend more competitive and selective colleges, and more likely to persist and succeed in college. We chose two career paths, Engineering and Business, because they are in high demand for workers, are broadly applicable across several job sectors, and do not currently have high numbers of women of color.

Our Learning Model

Instructional Methodology – GGA teachers will employ several cross-cutting instructional methods in their classes with necessary accommodations needed for students.

Inquiry Based Learning – a student centered approach to learning where students drive the exploration of content and teachers serve as facilitators of the exploratory process.

Discussion Based Learning – facilitate meaningful participation in class discussions, teachers will provide scaffolded texts to aid comprehension.

Service learning – GGA will provide an opportunity for meaningful, experiential education for all students.

Our Four Pillars


She will have a network of sisters she can rely on for any situation and have a mentor that is interested in her personal success


She will have taken challenging courses that prepare her academically


She will develop leadership skills that will make her an asset to any community she is a part of


 She will really know she matters and can be an advocate for herself and be well